John Quintrell

General Manager

Mr. Quintrell manages all day-to-day mining activities and holds over 25 years of excavation and aggregate mining experience. Mr. Quintrell has owned and managed his own businesses, managing over 120 excavation machines. Mr. Quintrell owned and manages permanent and portable crushing and screening plants and hydraulic drills for blasting.

Cecil Lewis

Director of Sales

Mr. Lewis has widespread knowledge of coal mining operations and organizations through decades of experience with coal companies including Mountainside Coal, Diamond Head Coal Sales, Chas Coal, LLC, Kentucky May Coal Company, Blue Diamond Coal Company. Mr. Lewis served in several capacities including coal broker, mine management, and shipment coordinator.

Randy Dials


Mr. Dials has over 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and business operations in the energy industry. Mr. Dials was actively involved in coal and fuel pricing, mine valuation and procurement and plant construction, specifically for East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. and Browning Manufacturing Division Emerson Electric, Co.