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March 28
Source: WYMT.COM

WYMT.COM: Listen to what Eastern Kentucky coal miners are saying about the ‘Green New Deal’

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accepted an invitation this week from Congressman Andy Barr to come to Eastern Kentucky. During the visit, Ocasio-Cortez will apparently visit not only coal mines but the miners who work there.

Miners say that coal has provided with each and everything they’ve been blessed with. Working in mines is a way of life, a tradition in many families for generations.

John Quintrell, who is the General Manager of JRL Coal, says without coal in this region, other local businesses might not survive. Quintrell says he sees the Green New Deal as something that increases the divide between us when we are at a time when we must come together and work together.

November 6
Source: Harlan County Chamber of Commerce

JRL Coal, Inc. Named Business of the Year

Harlan County Chamber of Commerce Milton
JRL Coal, Inc. Named Business of the Year by the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce Milton, Georgia and Harlan County, Kentucky – JRL Coal, Inc. (“JRL Coal” or the “Company”), a subsidiary of JRL Energy, Inc., (collectively, “JRL”), is pleased to announce that it was named Business of the Year at the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce’s (the “Chamber”) Annual Gala on October 18, 2018.

The Chamber received over 300 nominations for its annual award ceremony and awarded JRL Coal its highest honor, Business of the Year. This award recognizes a business that has contributed and promoted economic growth, stability and improvement in the Harlan County community.

As we started this venture, we wanted to develop a company that would be successful, but also seen as a pillar in the community. This award represents the strong partnership we have made with the Harlan community
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Lusby.

JRL began mining in Harlan County in May 2017. As of today, JRL has added over 220 new jobs to the community and has shipped over 1.1 million clean tons of coal from its facilities in Harlan County.

What we have been able to achieve would not be possible without the stellar work ethic of the team we have assembled in Harlan. Our team is one of our strongest assets as a Company, and I am proud to be a part of such a great organization
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Lusby.